Elder Muckrake Guitar

Muckrake Guitar

This muckrake guitar is made out of a some hundreds years old muckrake - now it is probably clear where the name "Elder" comes from.

But it is not entirely clear where the fork really came from, and who last used it for what. We don't want to poke too deeply into this (haha). Judging by the wear and tear, it was used by a left-handed person, maybe. What is for sure: The Muckrake was found in a house built in 1611 in the town known as Bad Goisern . Mysterious underground passages led from the cellar into the forest, to where and for what purpose is unknown. Via some detours the fork then came to us to be given a new lease of life. We are very honoured that "Mama Schläger" trusted in our abilities to refurbish the Muckrake into something new. Now it decorates the wall in a house in the beautiful town named Bad Aussee ★★, but it is also played from time to time - which makes us really happy.

sound example:

Muckrake Guitar
Muckrake Guitar

"Headstock" carefully milled out to house the tuning pegs

Muckrake Guitar

Rifle shells as string guides - the bullets are long gone - dead sure.

Muckrake Guitar

Self-made pickup
soldering the three coils together - I won't do it again either.

Muckrake Guitar

A place to stay...
to breath
to look
...to muckrake

It was very exciting to only use additional parts that were already making history themselves or to make new parts that simply fit in. For eg. the rusty tailpiece used to be an iron clamp from a construction pit.

Bad Goisern is located in the beautiful region called "Salzkammergut", on the Upper Austrian part.
★★ Bad Aussee is located in Styria but also in the region of the "Salzkammergut".

☛ Just to mention: We do not receive grants of any kind from the federal states or the region.
☛ We want to thank Ramona Wiesinger (the painter!) for donating some Fotos of the current home.
☛ What no one would believe: the whole project has a lot to do with excellent cakes and fine Viennese coffee from Gregors Konditorei - but we don't even get a tart from there either ★★★ - but a few kilos more.
☛ Funny fact: Gregor learned his craft in the beautiful region of Salzkammergut (Bad Ischl), and not so far away, in Hallstatt, you can learn how to make musical instruments - what a coincidence - have to draw a map of this connections.
★★★ To be honest, we haven't asked yet neither.