A short history

The idea… it all started in fall 2010 as a DIY project (see SM-acoustics).
The SCHAMAY founders went to see a concert of “The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band” , a three-piece American country blues band from Brown County, Indiana. The Rev plays among others a rusty 1930 steel bodied National guitar.
The dialogue in the aftermath of the concert resumes basically as follows:
“What about jamming Rev style?”
“We’d need a resonator guitar”
“Whaddaya think of building one of our own?”
Said and Made !

Meanwhile other music instruments came into interest. Beside Dulcimers and Banjos a Ukulele and some CBG`s are built.

Due to our close contact to the Institute for Music Acoustics at the University of Music and performing Arts Vienna we have access to modern measurement methods to optimize and compare our instruments.

Here is a list of our instruments made....

schamay, hand-crafted custom stringed music instruments