Alex`s Serendipity Tenor Guitar

How it came to this color scheme:
This body was created from a driftwood found in the Caribbean - it must have come from an old ship. According to reports from locals, it could have been the "Serendipity", a very colorful sailing ship. It sank in the tides during a storm with a cargo of the finest rum. The crew could only survive by holding on to the broken planks. One of these timbers of salvage is now a guitar-body!
So, this guitar is full of history, if only it was true!

tenor guitar

But it is not like this. Due to a mistake in painting, I unfortunately produced bright spots that I could not get rid of. Out of frustration I tried all the spray cans I could find on the part, in the end I even used the belt sander. Finally, I found this kind of painting again quite successful - and have the whole body "locally" more or less sanded.

tenor guitar
short scale tenor guitar

Although we find the optics great, Serentipity is not our favourite part - at the beginning she was really difficult to tune, and, well this guitar is not such a big love....