On Stage

Herbert and Alex's relationship definitely started when they played music together. Their first contact was at a "Country Music Session". Various music projects followed, such as "Tequila Tornados" and "Paysan Cherche Femme" and others... The instrument building started around 2010, and from then on Herbert and Alex performed from time to time as the so-called "Workshop Boys"★★. As "Workshop Boys" they usually play songs on self-made instruments. A few songs are also self-written.

(above) As far as our only performance since the beginning of the pandemic: cheerful songs for the farewell of a friend.

Before the first lockdown, we played about once a year in the "Private Basement".

The whole family makes music with us...

In this rare case, and really only here, we really want to advertise - this is a message to all those who are afraid: there is nothing better than making music together - so, pack your instrument and get out there - dare to play with others - the group will support you and it's just a lot of fun, believe us!
★★ There are rumours that they may be three at their next performance - probably this person does not know the initiation rituals yet.....