Diddley Bow

diddley bow

The built Diddley Bows were also made as a feasibility study for a school project. Since this type of musical instrument can be made almost in the blink of an eye, the design with three strings was taken up in the project.

The project was carried out like this: every 45 minutes, three or four elementary school children showed up in our workshop. Then it started, sawing boards, drilling, screwing on cans, mounting pegs and stringing. Finished? - Great, the next ones are already waiting. We finished over 25 Diddley Bows in just one school day - after such a hard day one beer is definitely not enough.


Alex' daughters instrument collection

The pictured instruments are made by the daughter of the house, at that time she was only 5 years old. We used her as a guinea pig, if she can do it, so can most of the others. Of course, we helped her a little. But she didn't let us stop her from sawing with the band saw herself. After painting, she then gave the instruments away on various occasions.